15034260_1122356757820322_30158789_oI am MrGblaze, an International Reggae Dancehall/R&B song writer, recording artist, and CEO of BlazinTings LLC. I was born in Accra Ghana, but I grew up in Washington DC and I’m currently based out of Denver CO.

“It is a rhythmic song. it is an engaging song. Makes you want to bob your head and move your body. This is a creative artist. Fun song for the summer time to listen to.” Review from last release “Stripper”

“Mi Everyting” which is getting released in December is the first of three singles off my upcoming album “World Tour” which is going to be released next year. I’m going to be performing it in numerous States starting with the GMSH Tour (New Years Eve Event) on Dec 30th & 31st in Miami Beach FL. Video is coming soon on Youtube and its also going to be spinning on a lot of radio stations including SiriusXM. I have a line of blogs and magazines that will be writing about it as well.

I was blessed with many opportunities in 2016 including performing on the renowned stages of SXSW in Austin TX. I rocked the stage alongside mainstream artists like Cory Gunz & Shanel aka SnL from YoungMoney CashMoney Records, Young Buck, & Lil Flip. I plan to top it up next year starting with this single “Mi Everyting” which again will be the first of three singles I will be releasing before I drop my next album.

“Even if they offer me, the whole money in the world I still could ah never leave you!” Mi Everyting

I’m very excited about next year. You should be too because I have a whole lot of great things in stall. And my name is definitely going to be ringing for a long time. Tag along with me for this exciting journey. I’m accepting all review, interview and booking requests as well. 

Listen to my last album “Chronic Explosions” on my website www.MrGblaze.com and subscribe to my mailing list to get first access to all upcoming releases and projects.



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