20161112_132732Hello fellow artists, fans and readers. I must say I’m really enjoying being able to share
all the exciting things happening while doing one of my most favorite activities, writing!.

So I never really get a chance to go out to just connect with the community. And I’m not talking about shows, interviews, or going out to turn up. No! I’m talking about actually going out at daytime for the sole purpose of connecting with the city! And that’s because I’m always consumed with running my business and managing my music career.

But Anyway I got to do that today and I must say, it was amazing. The huge level of love i received proves that the city will support you if you give them a reason to (show them that you are worth it). I took a lot of pictures with a lot of people including RoboMike, sold some autographed CD’s , and connected with a few prominent individuals. I met a phenomenal bucket drummer who actually turned out to be an upcoming artist trying to make it in the game just like me. But he was utilizing bucket drumming as a means to get the extra funds he needs to get his career rolling. We exchanged some CD’s and took some pictures as well.

20161112_133331In all I want to say I’m very glad that i took the time to connect with the city. I know we sometimes get caught up with spending most of our time and interactions through social media which is good, but we also have to remember to stay relevant in the city. The local people have to be able to put a face to your name.Connect with them. A simple gesture like taking a picture when requested by a stranger could gain you an evangelist fanatic. And we all know that’s exactly what we want.  Let’s come together to give back to this city and raise it to higher levels.

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