This week was amazing. Got a whole lot accomplished and a whole lot of new opportunities were presented as well. It pays to be optimistic because hard work never goes unnoticed. A radio station in London offered to spin my upcoming single “Mi EveryTing” when it drops. I know right! God is Good! A magazine in with fanbase in Asia and Europe also offered to write an article about me. It turns out they’re a clothing company as well, so they offered me gears and want me to take pictures while performing in them for their magazine (endorsement). I know this is just the beginning, there’s more to come and i just can’t wait!

In an effort to take things to the other level and start booking blackmore festivals, events, and getting more press coverage, I took on the task this weekend of putting together a new EPK (Electronic Press Kit, a vital need for every serious artist). It took a look of time and patience but i got it all together and it looks amazing. I’m gonna have a link to it in my next blog! i just got my official logo finally done. Tell me what you think about it.

That reminds me. I just dropped a trailer video for my upcoming single “Mi EveryTing” on youtube. The link is going to be below. The official video drops on November 30th, can’t wait for that one too! It’s going be available for pre-release purchase on the same day. 50% of all pre-release purchases will be donated a Sweet Relief Charity Organization. I’m going to hold a poll on my facebook fanpage to decide which one. The official release date for “Mi EveryTing” will be December 30th. I’ve been blessed to have radio stations who will be spinning it including SiriusXM.

Now my goal, gmsh-tour-dec-30th-miamiwhich should be the goal of every artist after you release any new music is to promote and market it relentlessly. I’m going to update my press kit with my promo video and my official video once it’s released. My next move from there will be to send it out to all the industry contacts I’ve been connecting and networking with. My PR will be sending it out to get as much publications interested and writing about it. I am of course going to reach out to all my fellow bloggers and major music bloggers to try to get them to write about it as well. Still not done. Now I’m gonna hop on as many events as i can. Starting with the New Years Celebration in Miami Beach, FL on December 30th & 31st , followed by two events in February, one on the 11th in Los Angeles, CA and the other on the 24th in New Orleans, LA and then the rest. As you noticed, the first four shows are out of state. The reason for that is I’m using the 5 star system, but on a much bigger scale. I’m gonna perform in 5 States around Colorado and then finish up with the finale in my home city. Builds up the antgmsh-tour-dec-31st-miamiicipation and fanbase.

My goal by then  is to have everything i need (major press & radio coverage, and a massive fanbase) to get myself booked on the events i want. Keyphrase is “get myself booked”, meaning I’m not going to wait for the right moment or to meet the right person. Instead I’m going to use all the knowledge , artillery and epk to get what i want. This is what you have to do if you want to be successful.

I am currently still looking for more reviews, publications and radio coverage. Any such offers should be sent to my email  .All my the rest of my contact info will be on my website . Don’t forget to watch the video trailer(link is below). All feedback and comments are more than welcome! Until next time, Peace!

“Mi EveryTing” Video Trailer  :-




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